Custom Projects

How it works:

1. You have a fun idea you want your private event of 8-12+ attendees to complete. 

2. Review information and pricing below

3. Shoot us an email with your project idea

4. We charge a design fee to prototype 

5. We bring your project to life for your private event!


Before we charge the design fee, we will give you an approximate range of the cost for each participant to create each project and you can decide if you would like to go forward. Depending on project complexity, time and materials, the design fee could range from $25-$250+

For example:

$25 - Creating a customized stencil for a project we already offer

$250 - A group of friends all want to create a specific coffee table

*After the initial design is finalized, there could be additional fees for further changes in the design. 

Do you offer design assistance for individuals?

Currently, these services are only available to groups.