Date Night

PIP is joining up with Kiddywampus and Samba Taste of Brazil for a Date Night in Hopkins on Friday, March 24th. Tickets for this event includes optional childcare at Kiddywampus, a drink at Samba, AND a couples' project at PIP.

They have fun, you have fun, everyone wins!

Schedule of Events (see map)

1. 5:45- Drop off kiddos at Kiddywampus

2. 6:00- Head down to Samba for a complimentary drink

3. 7:00- Make a Photo Display Board for your home at PIP

Pick up your children at Kiddywampus at 8:00


Kiddywampus Event:

Theme: Pajama Party!

Ages: 4-10 (must be pottytrained)

Price: one child $15, two $25, three + $35

Drop your children off in their pajamas to enjoy some arty fun time at Kiddywampus.  They will have a dance party, make art projects, play games and enjoy story time before heading home.

*Please eat before drop off as no food will be served. 

*Contact Kiddywampus with questions regarding childcare at 952.926.7871

Sip & PIP Event:

After you've dropped off your kid(s) at Kiddywampus, head to Samba Taste of Brazil for a complimentary drink. Then head to the other end of the block to PIP to create a Photo Display Board together.

Project Choices:

Photo Display Board

Experience: Beginner

Tools: Hand Miter Saw, Brad Nailer, Power Drill

Dimensions: 24" long x 8" wide x 1"deep

You Choose:

  1. Personalized stencil in cursive or normal font (email us your font choice and stencil wording after ordering your tickets)    Stencil Examples: The Smiths, Our Family, Grandkids
  2. Stain color - 6 choices
  3. Stencil color - 4 neutral paint choices
  4. Where to hang or give as a gift


    Giant Ruler

    Price: $50 includes drinks and a one project to build together

    Experience: Beginner

    Tools: Carpenter's Square, Hammer

    Dimensions: 6' long x 10" wide x 1"deep

    You Choose:

    1. Stain



      Event registration closes 48 hours before this workshop takes place, or until sold out