Project: Copper or Wood Ladder

Join us at PIP to build your own ladder! Choose copper or wooden rungs, wood stain or paint for your rails, and make a project fit for your home and made by YOU. We supply all the materials and instruction you will need and you leave with your custom project.  

*This ladder is intended for decorative purposes only*

Experience: Beginner

Price: $80

Tools: Hand miter saw or pipe cutter, power drill, hammer

Dimensions: 6' long x  16-20" wide x 3" deep 

You Choose:

  1. Rungs - copper or wood

  2. Rung width - 16"-20"max

  3. Rails- wood stain (6 colors) or paint (4 neutral colors)

  4. Copper brackets- display or keep in back

  5. What to display - blankets, accessories, magazines, towels (wood only)

Time Commitment: About 2 hours - time will vary based on design

Private Workshop: Minimum - 8 , Maximum - 12,  Learn more

Event registration closes 48 hours before this workshop takes place, or until sold out

One ticket per attendee. Tickets are nonrefundable.  Visit our FAQ to learn more HERE

Wed | Feb 6 | 7pm

Fri | March 22 | 7pm