Project: Cutting and Serving Board

Waltz your way through the hardwood buffet! This PIP Workshop allows you to design a custom cutting and serving board from a variety of woods and cuts. The buffet consists of walnut, maple, and cherry boards in varying widths. Add a slice of marble for temperature controlling your fine cheeses, or skip for additional pieces of hardwood. Choose your wood, assemble your board, and cut/serve your treats on one of these beauties made by YOU.

Price: $65, Add marble slab for $15

Experience: Beginner

Tools: Clamps and orbital sander, Marble inset ticket holders will also use a hand miter saw and brand nail gun

Product Dimensions:  Dimensions will vary based on customer design. Average product will be 14" long, 12" wide, 1" deep

You Choose:

  1. Hardwood - walnut, maple, or cherry
  2. Marble slab if desired
  3. Patterns and widths of wood
  4. End cuts - angled, straight, or combination

Time Commitment: Max. 2 hours, some groups or individuals take less time

Event registration closes 48 hours before this workshop takes place, or until sold out

One ticket per attendee.  Tickets are nonrefundable.  Visit our FAQ to learn more HERE

Wed | June 6 | 7pm  (in FARGO)

Tues | July 24 | 2pm