Project: Headboard

Twin, queen, king or California king - our headboards (built by YOU) can be customized to fit your home decor! Choose your style below and your bed size while we supply the wood, tools, and step-by-step instruction to help you build a headboard, no experience necessary. After only 2 hours in our workshop, you will leave with a raw wood headboard, ready to be finished to your taste at home.

Workshop Add-Ons: Finishing Techniques Workshop and Delivery!

Farmhouse Headboard


Gap Headboard


Plank Headboard


Experience: Beginner

Tools:  Miter saw (power), Kreg Jig, power drill, wood clamps and brad nail gun

Attendees: Partners allowed | Partners recommended for queen and king size projects

Price and Options: $155+

Gap + Plank Headboard  |  Twin: $155 |  Full-Queen: $195  |  King/Cal. King: $235

Farmhouse Headboard  |  Twin: $175  |  Full-Queen: $215  |  King/Cal. King: $255

Finishing Techniques Workshop: +$40, includes (1) the opportunity to sand your projects with our orbital sanders before you go home (2) provides hands-on instruction for prepping your headboard (3) basic instructions and recommended products for staining/painting and protective coats (4) a sample set of gloves, staining pad, and practice block.

Delivery: +$30 within 15 miles of PIP.  Deliveries will be made within 3 days of your event. Schedule your delivery after your workshop has taken place or take home directly after the event. Projects may not remain at PIP.

Partner Optional | Recommeded for king size

Customize your heaboard by:

  • Style: Plank or Farmhouse

  • Length: Twin/Full-Queen/King/Cal King

  • Height: Visible Headboard height about 30". Total max height 60" (adjust leg height) - we send an email 24 hours prior to your event with specific measurement instructions!

  • Finish: Paint and/or stain, sheen (at home)

Time Commitment: We suggest reserving 2 hours to create your headboard, and 40 minutes for the Finishing Techniques Workshop directly following the first event. Each group varies in time it takes to complete a project.

Finishing at home: Depending on materials you have at home (paint brush, polyurethane, etc.) and your desired finish, the materials for finishing this project could cost you anywhere between $0-$30 and could take 1 hrs-3hrs to complete. 

Event registration closes 48 hours before this workshop takes place, or until sold out

Tickets are nonrefundable.  Visit our FAQ to learn more

Thurs | July 25 | 7pm

These dates don’t work for you? Consider gathering your friends and family together for a private workshop!

Private Workshop: Minimum - 4 , Maximum -6 (pairs optional),  Learn more