Projects: Photo Display Board & Giant Ruler

One workshop, two options! Join us at PIP to create a project to display precious memories. Whether recording the heights of your children, or display photographs of loved ones, you'll leave PIP with a project you're proud to display in your home. We supply everything you will need and you come ready to create, no experience needed.

Price: $55

Experience: Beginner

Photo Display Board

Tools: Hand Miter Saw, Brad Nailer, Power Drill

Dimensions: 24" long x 8" wide x 1"deep

You Choose:

  1. Stencil:  Max 15 Characters, (example: The Smiths, The Grandkids, memories, family fun, Our Family
  2. Stencil Font: Cursive or Regular
  3. Stain color - 5 choices
  4. Stencil color - 3 neutral paint choices
  5. How to hang - picture hanging materials or with twine
  6. Where to hang or give as a gift

Giant Ruler

Tools: Carpenter's Square, Hammer

Dimensions: 6' long x 10" wide x 1" deep

You Choose: Wood Stain - 6 choices, Stencil Paint - 3 choices

Time Commitment: Max. 2 hours, some groups or individuals may complete their project in less time

Event registration closes 48 hours before this workshop takes place, or until sold out

Tues | Sept 12 | 7pm

Sat | Oct 7 | 11am