June-August | 3rd Wednesdays | 3-5pm | Designed for Small Coworking Teams

Build up your team by building with your team!


Join other small coworking groups for a unique team building experience at PIP. Work side-by-side with your team making genuine connections, memories, and a beautiful project. We guide you from start to finish and supply everything you'll need to enjoy an afternoon out of the office.

*This event is intended for small groups. If you have a group of 10+ please click here to learn more our private events.

    Team Building Project (May-August) - Cutting and Serving Board

    Screen shot Boards.PNG

    Waltz your way through the cutting board buffet! This PIP Workshop allows you to design a custom cutting and serving board from a variety of woods and cuts. The buffet consists of walnut, maple, and cherry boards in varying widths. Add a slice of marble for temperature controlling your fine cheeses, or skip for additional pieces of hardwood. Choose your wood, assemble your board, and cut/serve your treats on one of these beauties made by YOU.

    Price: $65-$78 per person

    Experience: Beginner

    Tools: Brad nailer, clamps, hand miter saw, orbital sander

    Dimensions: Average project will be 12" long, 12" wide, 1" deep. Dimensions will vary based on customer design.

    You Choose:

    1. Types of wood - walnut, maple, or cherry
    2. Marble slab option (+$13)
    3. Patterns and widths of wood
    4. End cuts - angled, straight, or combination



    *Team BUILDING projects will rotate every few months

    *Event registration closes 48 hours before this workshop takes place, or until sold out