About PIP

PIP aims to empower each customer by completing a project, and instilling a look-what-I-made feeling. In a world so focused on screen time, many find themselves more interested in "pinning" items they could create rather than doing it. PIP provides the venue, instruction, and materials to bring a project off the screen and into life.

Join us to complete a project, in person!

About The Space


Our venue, 906 Mainstreet, is located in the heart of the downtown Hopkins business district. Thanks to our friends at the Hopkins Historical Society, we know 906 Main was a saloon and shooting range at the turn of the 20th century. Yes...at the same time... While we renovated the space, we preserved as much of the history we could. From an original tin ceiling, to an intricate hexagon tile floor, the venue is nothing short of inspiring. Sign up for a workshop or join us at an event to experience PIP in Hopkins.


About Team PIP

Jill - Owner

Master of DIY trial and error

former middle school teacher

avid question asker

Hopkins native

wife and mom to twin toddlers

margarita enthusiast


Jason - Workshop Assistant

"Mr. Details"

protyping king

production line machine


speaks fluent basketball

husband and dad to twin toddlers

makes a mean margarita