Project: Bottle Opener

Beer 4 flipped.jpg

Do you like beer? Do you like an open beer? Join us to create this conversational and practical piece. During this workshop, you will cut, stain, stencil, and attach a metal opener to a piece of wood. PIP will provide mounting instructions so you're never stuck looking for an opener again.

Price: $25 (Add on an additional opener for $15)

Experience: Beginner

Tools: Hand miter saw, drill

Product Dimensions: Approximately 12" long x 3' wide x 1" deep (not including the depth of the metal opener)

You Choose:

  1. Stain - 6 colors
  2. Stencil - 4 options, or Chalkboard
  3. Stencil paint - 4 options
  4. Depending on stencil, opener placement
  5. Add on an additional opener for $15



Event registration closes 24 hours before this workshop takes place, or until sold out

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