Project: Framed Chicken Wire

From start to finish, your PIP instructor will guide you to create this farmhouse chic chicken wire wall art, ready to be customized for your space. Display cards, photos, art, jewelry, wreaths, or whatever your heart desires! This project comes with 8 mini clothespins and view the pictures and list below for some of our favorite uses.

Price: Regular $65 (26" x 20" max) or Large $80 (26" x 36" max)

Experience: Beginner

Tools: Hand miter saw, Kreg Jig, staple gun, tin snips, drill

Dimensions: Dimensions will vary based on customer's preference. 26" x 10-36"

You Choose:

  1. Wood stain - 6 colors
  2. Thick, thin, or no corner brackets
  3. Length of frame - 10-36"
  4. How you will style in your home

Time Commitment: Max. 2 hours, some groups or individuals may complete their project in less time

Please Note:

  • Attendees must be 18+ unless the event indicates otherwise
  • One attendee may attend per ticket for Regular size. the Large may be completed by 2 people
  • Workshop tickets are nonrefundable. We offer a one time transfer if notified 48 hours ahead of the event
  • Registration closes 48 hours ahead of time or until sold out.

Wed | May 9 | 7pm

Register here 5/9/18