Project: Oversized Clock


It's time to build your own clock! Choose your number style, paint or stain design, and clock hands to make this useful project fit for your home and made by YOU. We supply all the materials and instruction you will need and you leave with your finished project, ready to hang and tick away!

Experience: Beginner

Tools: Power drill

Dimensions: 22" in diameter

    You Choose:

    1. Numbers - Arabic (1,2,3), Roman Numeral (I, II, III), 3D Ticks
    2. Backer design - Stain- 6 Colors Paint - 3 Neutral colors or BYO colors!
    3. Hands - Formal or straight

    Time Commitment: Max. 2 hours, some groups or individuals may complete their project in less time

    Event registration closes 48 hours before this workshop takes place, or until sold out. 

    One ticket per attendee. Tickets are nonrefundable.  Visit our FAQ to learn more HERE

    Sat | Nov 11 | 5pm

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    Thurs | Dec 14 | 7pm

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